LifeStyle Township

a concept was sought that not only addresses the technical requirements of the high flow of visitors but also addresses issues of sustainability in our time takes a stand. The implemented design concept goes beyond that.

It uses existing industrial goods repetitively and combines them to form an entrance building with a ramp system in order to receive visitors to the exhibition and to guide them into the former assembly and production hall. In accordance with the implementation of all new construction volumes

he entrance-building is designed as a gate: the building literarily and figuratively forms the entrance to the water purification area.

an exercise in reinterpreting a single-family home within a gated community in Mexico, based on the opportunity to change the usual "restrictions" requested in this model of urbanization, normally in front of and behind the private plots. In this case, negotiations were held with the municipal authorities to remove the rear restriction, bringing the construction to the boundary of the land. As a result, a large central courtyard was generated, which is the articulating element of the project.

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